Thursday, October 18, 2007

19lbs and fluffy

so I have been reading some of the blog's of some of the other cats and it seems that their "owners" have been wanting to put them on a ..............DIET other wise known as DIE....ET.
but me I put a stop to that right away. I just show mom my work out methods. like for instance this is me getting ready to do my customized program. my real question is though why. Why would you want to put me on a diet......

I am 19lbs of purrrrr muscle baby! just look at the pictures it tell s the whole story..... I have my winter coat on now. and as we cats know it always makes us look just alittle fluffier than normal.

this is me worken out it is called yoga owners..... a method of stretching . it keeps the fat down and the muscles toned to puuuurrrrr fecttion....well at least enough to jump on the food table and watering hole.


The Crew said...

You look fine to me Gilbert. I weigh in at almost 18 lb. and my doctor said I'm a little heavy. Can I help it if I have a good appetite and I'm not picky?!

Max S

SchneiderHein said...

Hello Gilbert,
Diet oh no! We guess every day a walk in the garden, bird watching and a little bit hunting will be enought. And in the wintertime you should play sometimes with your mom too. There are a lot of interesting toys to play with if your mom move them for you...
We wish you a wonderful time with some action and without diet!
Maus & Allegra

Monica said...

Hi Gilbert! I'm glad you are back. You are definitely one solid cat. But then, so am I... No dieting for me.

DaisyMae Maus said...

You're not fat, Gilbert. A little flab an' a coat of winter fur make for a sexy ManCat.